Music is life and all that accompanies it — along with tinnitus.

Ragin', Full On

fIREHOSE: Ragin’, Full-On

Associating music with a place and time is a pretty common occurrence. This album is strong in that category. This one brings me back to high school and my budd...

Funkadelic: Funkadelic

This album starts off with some absolutely stomach turning sounds of stereo chewing. I hate that sound. And then some hep cat comes on and says, “If you will su...

Enon: Believo!

It's like Nine Inch Nails minus the scary S&M, or later-day Beck if he had gone the natural trajectory of Mellow Gold. The music all tape hiss and pots and ...

Weezer: Pinkerton

These guys got totally hosed on this album. Actually, it's a better all around record than their debut. It's more textured and emotional and the songwriting doe...