Alternative Country

Alt country eschews the increasingly polished, pop sensibilities of typical country for a more lo-fi sound, frequently infused with a strong punk and rock and roll aesthetic.

American Water

Silver Jews: American Water

The tragic death of David Berman in 2019 didn't really change my mind about Silver Jews, it just reinforced it. This album, American Water, is one that I've gone back to...

Centro-Matic: Navigational

As the album starts, the homemade recording and finger-plucked acoustic guitar made my eyebrows perk up at the GBV vibe. It then settles into a mellow vibe of u...
The Whole Love

Wilco: The Whole Love

Oh, Wilco. You’re so cute. And so overrated. Even Yankee Foxtrot Hotel, which we all subscribed to as the second coming of "good" music, fails to impress on rec...
Dual Hawks

Centro-Matic: Dual Hawks

Centro-Matic and its de facto leader, Will Johnson, are a hard band to categorize. They're certainly not country or folk or anything, but they have that dusty T...
Garden Ruin

Calexico: Garden Ruin

I'm not sure how the classify this music. Like pretty indie Americana or singer songwriter music for aged hipsters? Whatever it is, it's kind of a drag. It's no...