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Love and Rockets: Express

I'm pretty sure I had a Love and Rockets t-shirt at some point in the 80s. It's a pretty odd band name when you really think about it. Or maybe it's just super of...

The Bolshoi: Friends

If the Internet existed in its current form back in 1986 when this album came out, this would have appeared in the "If you like The Cure, you'll love The Bolsho...

The National: Alligator

Imagine American Music Club after a venti mochachino and you pretty much have The National pegged. That's not to say this album is in any way spazzy. In fact, i...

The Cult: Electric

I saw these guys in Los Angeles at the last show of the Electric tour. Ian Astbury's voice was pretty much shot, but the crowd was psyched and I almost didn't m...

The Cult: Love

I'd love to think Kurt Cobain named his band, Nirvana, after the opening track on this album. There's absolutely no basis for that other than I have to imagine ...