Post-hardcore maintains the aggression and intensity of hardcore but emphasizes a greater degree of complex and dynamic creative expression.

Saw You Up There

Yeesh: Saw You Up There

Apparently Yeesh has already broken up. And this album, Saw You Up There, is their last, posthumous release. So if you're looking for live dates or even a music...

Quicksand: Interiors

It's weird that so many of the ghosts from our rock and roll past have come back to haunt us over the past few years. I mean "haunt" is a tough word, but what e...

Q and Not U: Power

It's as if this band just has no desire to be annoying anymore. And with the annoyance goes some of the fun. Granted, this is a much more listenable album than ...

Antelope: Reflector

Spare is the name of the game here. It's almost as if this is the raw mix of the album, and someone has taken the mix and turned down a few of the parts. It's l...
13 Songs

Fugazi: 13 Songs

I was a latecomer to Fugazi in the scheme of my rock ’n’ roll education. I had heard nothing of their DC sound before walking into a dorm room in 1992 (where mo...