Koufax: Social Life

Social Life

Social LifeThis, their second album, does away with the gimmicky garbage and brings a slimmer, more guitar-driven sound. They aren’t The Strokes or anything, but there are similarities in attitude and genre. There’s certainly a throwback sound going on here, but it’s less 70s FM and more 70s AM this time around. The lead singer also ups his monotone a little bit to stretch his vocal chords, and this thing rocks a lot harder than their debut. Again, there are some Ben Folds things going on here (mostly because of the piano background on most songs), but there is also some Broadway on there as well. The songs are bold and big and definitive, driving and catchy. The first time I heard this, I had to listen to it several times in a row, and loved every minute of it. It’s faded somewhat in the intervening years, but holds a certain place in my heart. I think these guys would have gotten more notice had there not been a glut in the market of good and more popular indie pop acts at the time (Hot Hot Heat, The Walkmen, French Kicks, etc).