Music is life and all that accompanies it — along with tinnitus.


Belly: DOVE

I have to start by saying that I absolutely hate this cover. It looks like some pseudo hippy shit from the early 90s. Granted, I suppose Belly is kind of a psuedo...
Bat Fangs

Bat Fangs: Bat Fangs

For five-and-a-half seconds of the first track on this album, “Turn It Up,” I thought I accidentally put on a Scorpions tune. Turns out it’s actually a White Reaper...
Fall Into the Sun

Swearin’: Fall Into the Sun

There’s something warm and inviting about boy/girl singing. Even if it’s not at the same time. Like Blake Babies or something I used to jam out to in the Discman...
Master Volume

The Dirty Nil: Master Volume

Rock and fuckin’ roll, man! Like the stuff they used to play at stadiums before pop and hip-hop took over the world. Like Cheap Trick and that kind of stuff. Not...