Music is life and all that accompanies it — along with tinnitus.


Quicksand: Interiors

It's weird that so many of the ghosts from our rock and roll past have come back to haunt us over the past few years. I mean "haunt" is a tough word, but what e...
All Belief is Paradise

Fits: All Belief is Paradise

Fits, uh, fits in this nice little corner of my listening habits: the short-ass LP that I can put on when I get in the car, or get on the train and run through ...
Cry Cry Cry

Wolf Parade: Cry Cry Cry

I can’t remember how many years I’ve been listening to Wolf Parade, though it seems like forever. I look back on the 90s and think, “Yeah, of course I was heari...
Minimum R&B

The Dirty Nil: Minimum R&B

This is the shit that makes me angry about modern "rock" music. Angry that all that alt-folk, drowned-in-reverb garbage can still appear under the rock banner w...

Charly Bliss: Guppy

Sometimes there is only so much peer pressure a guy can take before he breaks. And so it went with Charlie Bliss' new album, Guppy. Donald Trump was even suppla...
Hot Thoughts

Spoon: Hot Thoughts

Spoon is a band I've been listening to for years. I've seen them live and created playlists on Apple Music and its predecessors that I just throw on shuffle and...