Music is life and all that accompanies it — along with tinnitus.

No Resolution

Tim Kasher: No Resolution

Tim Kasher wears his heart on his sleeve. I guess that's why he's been branded "emo" over the years, starting with his band Cursive and even on his pseudo-solo ...
Never Gonna Die

Pennywise: Never Gonna Die

There’s something to making music that has changed very little in 25 years. 1992 Pennywise is not only similar to 2018 Pennywise, it’s indiscernible from itself...

Jeff Rosenstock: POST-

Do you think this is what Andrew W.K. was originally aiming for? Sorry, I just had to sneak in another AWK reference in a review to meet my annual quota. That g...

Quicksand: Interiors

It's weird that so many of the ghosts from our rock and roll past have come back to haunt us over the past few years. I mean "haunt" is a tough word, but what e...
All Belief is Paradise

Fits: All Belief is Paradise

Fits, uh, fits in this nice little corner of my listening habits: the short-ass LP that I can put on when I get in the car, or get on the train and run through ...
Cry Cry Cry

Wolf Parade: Cry Cry Cry

I can’t remember how many years I’ve been listening to Wolf Parade, though it seems like forever. I look back on the 90s and think, “Yeah, of course I was heari...