JUBLIA - Dad's Toenails

Good Commercial: JUBLIA “Dad’s Toenails”

JUBLIA Dad's Toenails

How does one talk about toenail fungus in a non-clinical way? Or in a non-disgusting way? After all, we don’t necessarily know how to spot toenail fungus. Nor do we want to be lectured about it while we’re eating and trying to watch an episode of Maury. And, look, this isn’t an uncommon thing, foot fungus. Nor is it an uncommon thing for dudes to ignore pretty obvious health concerns. Especially ones that don’t impact their day to day.

Enter children. Your wife may not say shit about your gnarly toes. Even your buddies, who are subject to your penchant for wearing flip flops whenever you’re not in the office, will just look the other way. But damn if a kid won’t check out your broke-ass feet and make a comment. Because that’s what kids do. Point out flaws and stuff. A stray nose hair. Saggy drawers. Bald spot. Rough elbows. Whatever it is, they’ll spot it and tell you about it. Usually with as much eye-rolling and disdain as possible. So it’s with great humor that we watch this lazy-ass dude’s daughter point out his puffy toe and call in reinforcements in the form of a mom to solve the problem that he clearly thinks isn’t a problem. Because, again, men feel like the best way to take care of anything medical or troublesome is to ignore it and hope it just resolves itself.

The dude in this particular spot seems incredibly… Canadian. The daughter also has a weird hint of an accent that I can’t quite place. Whatever the case, Canadian or not, there is something strangely calm and comedic about their delivery. Honestly, not unlike that country as a whole. And the interweaving of the deadpan on-screen doctor is a much better approach than the usual voiceover telling you what toenail fungus is and how it can affect you. Or the stupid animated snot monsters or whatever are in most of these goofy commercials. She acts as both the doctor and the scold in this instance, basically calling this lazy-ass dad a moron and warning him that his laziness will lead to his dear daughter also contracting foot fungus if he doesn’t do something about it. But in the driest Canadian way possible.

He’s left contemplating her advice, and for the first time in his life actually considering a another human being besides himself, or whatever hockey player’s highlights he’s watching on his tablet while ignoring his family. And his gross toenails. Good on you JUBLIA for treating us to a quick little lesson in self-care and letting us know that even the most benign things can lead to utter catastrophe if left untreated. Ok, maybe not that last part, but it is a nice, compact way to message that innocuous isn’t always innocuous. And that perhaps you don’t know everything about everything. And maybe it’s ok to pay attention to your hygiene, even if you’re a middle-aged man who just wants to kick back with no interruptions while you’re online shopping for the perfect grill brush.