Hot Dog

NYC Booze & Grub Graveyard: Gone Before Their Time

I’ve been to a lot more joints than I’ve reviewed. A ton predate the Internet, so they are but memories. But others merely closed before I got a chance to review them. Here’s a list of the bars and restaurants that were in the queue when they met their demise. Never to see the light of day… until now. Included are any in-the-moment notes I took that maybe, possibly pointed to why the place totally bit it. Speaking of biting it, I am not digging the looks of that Dogmatic dog right over there…

7 W 20th St. (bet 5th & 6th)
telling note: Went with co-workers after work one day. Sat at tables out front. Seemed fine, but the beer selection was crap.

American Flatbread Tribeca Hearth
205 Hudson St. (bet Desbrosses and Canal)

Anka Grill
642 Lexington Ave. (at 54th St.)

287 Hudson St. (at Spring St.)

Bagel Maven Cafe
362 7th Ave. (at W 30th St.)

969 3rd Ave. (bet 57th & 58th)

BBQue’s Smoke Shack
668 6th Ave. (at W 21st St.)

Better Being Underground
55 Leroy St., Apt B (at 7th Ave.)

Big Slice Pizza of NY
146 5th Ave. (bet. 19th & 20th St.)
telling note: Chicken roll with good outside, but oddball chicken that looked sort of like it was fuzzy balls of corn pops. Not too huge, which was good, I guess? And came with a “free” soda.

Anka Grill - Banzobar - BBQue's - NY Big Slice

Bill’s Bar & Burger – Meatpacking
22 9th Ave. (at W 13th St.)

Blackstones Bar
245 E 55th St. (at 2nd Ave.)

Bread & Olives (Food Truck)
Hudson Square

Brinkley’s Pub & Kitchen
406 Broome St. (at Lafayette St.)

BV’s Grill – NYC
919 3rd Ave. (at 55th St.)

Cafe Prague
2 W 19th St. (at 5th Ave.)
telling note: One of those same-ass sandwiches they have everywhere.

Blackstones - BV's Grill - Bread & Olives - Cafe Prague

Carl’s Steaks
70 Varick St. (at Grand St.)

Chef G’s Halal & Healthy (Food Cart)
55th & Park Ave.

Cherche Midi
282 Bowery (at Houston)
telling note: Chill place (McNally). Went with ***** and got an old fashion and talked to the bartender about the election. [Talking politics is the kiss of death.]

Chickpea – 6th Ave.
688 Avenue of The Americas (at W 22nd St.)

City Market Cafe
178 5th Ave. (btw 23rd & 22nd St.)
telling note: I had some sort of smoked turkey with brie and apple. It was pretty much the same damn sandwich they have everywhere.

CK14 – The Crooked Knife
232 W 14th St. (at 8th Ave.)

307 E 53rd St. (bet. 1st & 2nd Ave.)
telling note: Place went with old work people. Very large. ***** fell off her stool.

Così Flatiron
700 6th Ave. (at W 22nd St.)

Così Midtown East
60 E 56th St. (bet. Park & Madison Ave.)

Cherde Midi - City Market Cafe - Cosi

240 W 14th St. (bet. 7th & 8th Ave.)

Dean & Deluca – City Spire Café
156 W 56th St (7th Ave.)
telling note: Overpriced turkey sandwich with ***** and ********

Dig Inn Seasonal Market – Hudson Square
350 Hudson St. (at King St.)

Dig Inn Seasonal Market – Midtown East
40 W 55th St. (btwn 5th & 6th Ave.)
telling note: This place is absolutely tiny. They opened one in a closet!

26 E 17th St. (bet. 5th Ave. & USW)

Eata Pita
Grand Central Terminal (Vanderbilt)

Eisenberg’s – Urbanspace
152 W 52nd St. (6th Ave.)

El Carrito Rojo Taco Truck
59 W 19th St (6th Ave.)

Crispo - Dean & Deluca - Dig Inn - El Carrito

Ella Lounge
9 Avenue A (bet. E 1st & 2nd St.)

20 E 17th St. (bet. Broadway & 5th Ave.)

Essen – Chelsea
699 6th Ave. (bet. 22nd & 23rd St.)

Fig & Olive – Lexington
808 Lexington Ave. (bet. 62nd & 63rd St.)

FIKA Tribeca & Chocolate Factory
450 Washington St (at Desbrosses St.)

Flatiron Hall
38 W 26th St. (bet. Broadway & 6th Ave.)

Food Depot
138 5th Ave. (bet 18th & 19th St.)
telling note: Sandwich counter is kinda sad. The cold cuts are sketchy. Had a tuna melt panini. It was fine, but not heated enough. They don’t seem to give a shit. Good soda selection though.

Hibachi Heaven (Food Truck)
Hudson Square

Francois Payard Bakery
116 W Houston St. (at Sullivan & Thompson St.)

Enjuu - Fig & Olive - Francois Payard - Hibachi Heaven

Glaze Teriyaki
60 W 56th St. (bet. 5th & 6th Ave.)

Grand Sichuan
15 7th Ave. S (bet. Leroy St. & Carmine St.)

Green Cafe
599 6th Ave.
telling note: Allison Janney was standing at the counter checking out and seemed entirely to tall to be in this incredibly small, cramped mish-mash of a space.

Halal Cart
5th Ave. at 21st St.

Hale & Hearty – Hudson Square
350 Hudson St. (bet. Charlton & King St.)

Hale & Hearty – Flatiron
11 E 17th St. (bet. Broadway & 5th Ave.)

Hale & Hearty – 6th Ave.
655 6th Ave. (bet. 20th & 21st St.)

Harrington’s Bar & Grill
370 7th Ave. (bet. 30th & 31st St.)
telling note: One of the worst places on the planet. Feels like the lobby of an old folks home.

Haru – Gramercy Park
220 Park Ave. S (at E 18th St.)

Hudson Food Court
333 Hudson Street (Charlton and Vandam)

The Ides at Wythe Hotel
80 Wythe Ave. (at N 11th St.) [Brooklyn]

1190 6th Ave. (bet 46th & 47th St.)

Irish Times
254 W 31st St. (at 8th Ave.)

Hale & Hearty - Harrington's - Irish Times

Jersey Mike’s Subs – Midtown East
938 3rd Ave. (bet. E 56th & 57th St.)

Just Salad – Chelsea
706 6th Ave. (at W 23rd St.)

Just Salad – Rockefeller Center
30 Rockefeller Plaza Concourse

225 N 8th St. [Brooklyn]

505 Columbus Ave (bet. 84th & 85th St.)

Jersey Mike's - K&M - Just Salad - Kefi

Kool Bloo Soho
117 Avenue of the Americas (bet. Watts & Broom St.)

Korilla BBQ (Food Truck)
Hudson Square

Kutsher’s Tribeca
186 Franklin St. (bet. Greenwich & Hudson St.)

La Perla Mexicana Food Truck
Hudson Square

LoLo’s Chicken Shack (Urbanspace)
152 W 52nd St. (bet. 7th Ave. & Avenue Of The Americas)

LT Burger
8 W 40th St. (at 5th Ave.)

157 E Houston St. (bet. Allen & Eldridge St.)

125 W 55th St. (bet. 6th & 7th Ave.)

Mexicue Taco Truck
5th Ave at 18th St.

Kool Bloo - Macondo - Mexicue - Markato

Miami Food Machine (Food Truck)
Hudson Square

Mike ‘n’ Willie’s (Food Truck)
5th Ave. at 19th St.

Miro Cafe
594 Broadway (at Houston)
telling note: Way overpriced sandwich Cosi ripoff.

871 7th Ave. (bet. 56th & 55th St.)

Mom’s Halal (Food Cart)
3rd Ave. at 55th St.

Miami Food Machine - Molyvos - Mike 'n' Willie's - Mom's Halal

Monster Sushi
22 West 46th St. (bet. 5th & 6th Ave.)

Morrell Wine Bar & Café
1 Rockefeller Plaza
telling note: Went with ***** and ***** to drink wine and eat some cheese. Awkwardly skinny place, we sat in the back while vanilla people on internet dates sat at the bar.

Naked Lunch
17 Thompson St. (at Grand St.)

National Underground
159 E Houston St. (Allen St.)

No Fun
161 Ludlow (bet. Stanton & Houston)

Oceana Poke
1700 Broadway (at 53rd St.)

Óxido – Flatiron
18 W 23rd St. (at 5th Ave.)

Paris Sandwich Truck
Hudson Square

National Underground - Oceana Poke - No Fun - Paris Sandwich Truck

692 10th Ave. (at 48th St.)

The Pocketful (Food Truck)
Hudson Square

Pret A Manger – Flatiron
24 W. 23rd St. (at 5th Ave.)

Pret A Manger – Hudson Square
350 Hudson St. (at Charlton St.)

The Prime Burger
5 E 51st St. (bet. Madison & 5th Ave.)

Perdition - Pret a Manger - The Pocketful - The Prime Burger

Qdobo Mexican Grill – Flatiron
12 W 23rd St. (at 5th Ave.)

El Quinto Pinto
401 W 24th St. (at 9th Ave.)

10 Little West 12th St.

Riviera Café
225 W 4th St. (at 7th Ave. S.)
telling note: Went with **** and **** and it’s a total shithole sports bar.

Roast Chicken – Union Square
870 Broadway (at 18th St.)

Rocknrollnyc (Food Truck)

Seven Bar & Grill
350 7th Ave. (btw 29th & 30th St.)

SoHo Made Soups
75 Varick St. (bet. Grand & Watts St.)

SoHo Room
203 Spring St (at Sullivan St.)

Revel - Seven Bar & Grill - Rocknrollnyc - SoHo Room

The Storehouse
69 W 23rd St (at 6th Ave.)

Sushi Jun
875 3rd Ave. (at 53rd St.)

Sushirrito – Flatiron
12 W 23rd St. (bet. 5th & 6th Ave.)

Taco Bite (Food Truck)
5th Ave. & 18th St.
telling note: The tacos looked really fresh and good, but ultimately the taste was a little too antiseptic.

Taco Dumbo – Rock Center
19 W 52nd St. (bet. 5th & 6th Ave.)

Taïm – Urban Space
570 Lexington Ave. (at E 51st St.)

Taipan Fusion Express (Food Truck)
Hudson Square

Thunder Jackson’s
169 Bleecker St. (at Sullivan St.)

Sushiritto - Taim - Taco Dumbo - Thunder Jackson's

Toasties East at 55
924 3rd Ave. (bet. 55th and 56th St.)

Toby’s Estate Coffee Flatiron Espresso Bar
160 5th Ave. (bet. E 20th & E 21st St.)

Toum NYC Lebanese Food Truck
Hudson Square

Tracks Raw Bar & Grill
1 Penn Plaza (Penn Station)

830 3rd Ave. (at 51st St.)

The Treehouse
23 Grand St. (at 6th Ave.)

Uncle Moe’s
14 W 19th St. (bet. 5th & 6th Ave.)

Union Fare Gastrohall
7 E 17th St. (bet. 5th Ave. & Broadway)
telling note: Had a chicken sandwich that was pretty tasty, but small and not necessarily cheap. The space is really amazing and absolutely gigantic. Their rent must be insane.

297 10th Ave. (at 27th St.)

VERTS Mediterranean Grill – Flatiron
24 E 23rd St. (at Madison Ave.)
telling note: This place is like a lame Chipotle.

Toasties - Tracks - Toum - VERTS

220 Varick St. (at Downing St.)

Wall St. Burger (Food Truck)
55th St. & Park Ave.

Whiskey Rebel
129 Lexington Ave. (at 28th St.)

Wildwood Barbecue
225 Park Ave. S (at E 18th St.)

Zaro’s Bakery
920 Broadway (at E 21st St.)
telling note: An uneventful turkey and brie sandwich with green apple. The bread was decent, but the rest of the sandwich was uninspired and unremarkable.

Zio Ristorante
17 W 19th St. (btwn 5th & 6th Ave.)

Wall St. Burger - Zio