They say TV will rot your brain. Mr. Hipster does his best to prove them right.

Snowfall: Season 1

I came of age during the crack epidemic in Los Angeles. I had very little understanding of the socioeconomic and cultural impact the drug had…

Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete: Season 1

I first watched Sneaky Pete when it was one of Amazon’s pilots. It had some potential, but felt way too traditional and safe. Some of…

The Lowe Files: Season 1

I’m honestly not sure who asked for some show called The Lowe Files. I’m not sure who asked for this show called The Lowe Files….

GLOW Season 1

GLOW: Season 1

The sad thing is I actually remember when G.L.O.W. was a thing. Granted, I can’t remember the specifics (it was 1986 after all), but I…

Comrade Detective Season 1

Comrade Detective: Season 1

Comrade Detective is just as weird as you imagine it might be. Posed as a lost Romanian cop show from the eighties (before the fall…

Ozark Season 1

Ozark: Season 1

When I first saw there was a series entitled Ozark, my first reaction was, “How is there possibly a series starring Jason Bateman and Laura…

Friends From College

Friends From College: Season 1

The title says it all. This is a show about a group of friends from college. There’s the core group and then the creators can…


Hinterland: Seasons 1 & 2

Wales, my fake homeland. What can I do other than to thank Grandpa Hipster for giving me this fake Welsh name instead of the ugly…

Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies

I understand that this was book? Well, I didn’t read it. I also didn’t read The Girl On the Train, Gone Girl, or The Girl with the…

Legion - Season 1

Legion: Season 1

Legion is apparently more Marvel superhero shit. And, as the two of you who have read my site know, I generally don’t like superhero shit….

The Kettering Incident

The Kettering Incident: Season 1

This name of this series, The Kettering Incident, is somehow very apropos of the series itself. It’s somewhat stiff, somewhat foreign-sounding and a whole lot confusing….

The Good Place

The Good Place: Season 1

It seems like it’s been a million years since I’ve watched a major-network sitcom. Ok, there is one other on my DVR schedule, but New…

The OA: Season 1

Damn I’m a sucker for these types of series. Though I guess a ton of people are, otherwise they wouldn’t keep making these Lost-like shows…

Search Party

Search Party: Season 1

I get why they called this show Search Party. I mean, it sums up the plot in two easy words. But it doesn’t really define…


Goliath: Season 1

I believe Goliath is supposed to be part of this “prestige television” movement we’ve seen across all of basic and pay cable and your various…

Black Mirror Season 3

Black Mirror: Season 3

Black Mirror is great for several reasons. For one, it’s an anthology series in a time of heavily serialized television. I mean, it’s a prestige…


Atlanta: Season 1

I’ve been to Atlanta (not including the airport) a grand total of once. There wasn’t much to it. They told me the traffic was going…

The Night Of

The Night Of

The thing that sets The Night Of apart is pacing. It starts with a night of drugs and sex and murder, which really throws the viewer…

Love: Season 1

Love: Season 1

I was admittedly digging deep in my Netflix queue in watching this one. Love is not only ungoogleable, it is so deeply entrenched in the…

Stranger Things

Stranger Things: Season 1

I kept mistakingly calling this show Needful Things. That, of course, is a Stephen King novel from 1991 and a terrible film based on the book…