Album Reviews

Star Wars

Wilco: Star Wars

More than anything I just wanted the put this album cover on my site, as I don’t really have any affinity for Wilco beyond…

Bully - Feels Like

Bully: Feels Like

I suppose this is what Hole would have sounded like hadn’t Kurt written all of their songs. So like later Hole when Courtney had…

Have a Nice life

Murs: Have a Nice Life

The humble brag isn’t a good look for a rapper. That’s how Murs starts off this album with an odd God-centric track that basically…

The Positions

Gang of Youths: The Positions

Opening your album with a seven-and-a-half minute song is a pretty ballsy thing to do. It’s basically a band saying, “You’re gonna take us seriously,…

Dude Incredible

Shellac: Dude Incredible

I’m a fan of Steve Albini. I’ve written [not-so] extensively about my love of his engineering prowess — most specifically about how awesome he…

I'll Be the Tornado

Dads: I’ll Be the Tornado

Something about Jersey inspires emotion. Very seldom do you get bands from The Jerz that don’t either tug at those emo heartstrings — like…


Ex Hex: Rips

This irony here — or not so much irony, but pity — is that this is the album Wild Flag probably thought they were making….


Pearl Jam: Ten

Easily one of the top five influential and memorable albums of my college years. For those who thought Nirvana was too discordant and suicidal,…

13 Songs

Fugazi: 13 Songs

I was a latecomer to Fugazi in the scheme of my rock ’n’ roll education. I had heard nothing of their DC sound before…


Zhigge: Zhigge

I’m not really sure why this CD made its way into my collection other than it must have dropped around the time when I…