Check out the albums that have left Mr. H with permanent hearing loss in his left ear, but a song in his heart.

What a Time to Be Alive

Superchunk: What a Time to Be Alive

It feels like Superchunk has been around my entire adult life. And that’s mostly because they have been. I discovered them in 1993 with the…

Need to Feel Your Love

Sheer Mag: Need to Feel Your Love

Sheer Mag is a band without high aspirations. Or maybe they have super-high aspirations. And that’s what kind of makes them awesome. They are like…


Quicksand: Interiors

It’s weird that so many of the ghosts from our rock and roll past have come back to haunt us over the past few years….

All Belief is Paradise

Fits: All Belief is Paradise

Fits, uh, fits in this nice little corner of my listening habits: the short-ass LP that I can put on when I get in the…

Cry Cry Cry

Wolf Parade: Cry Cry Cry

I can’t remember how many years I’ve been listening to Wolf Parade, though it seems like forever. I look back on the 90s and think,…

Teenage Grown Ups

Lovely Bad Things: Teenage Grown Ups

There is definitely a seed from which Lovely Bad Things has sprouted. It’s that mid-90s female-led college radio rock genre that had CDs that splayed…

Minimum R&B

The Dirty Nil: Minimum R&B

This is the shit that makes me angry about modern “rock” music. Angry that all that alt-folk, drowned-in-reverb garbage can still appear under the rock…


Charly Bliss: Guppy

Sometimes there is only so much peer pressure a guy can take before he breaks. And so it went with Charlie Bliss’ new album, Guppy….

Hot Thoughts

Spoon: Hot Thoughts

Spoon is a band I’ve been listening to for years. I’ve seen them live and created playlists on Apple Music and its predecessors that I…

Near To The Wild Heart Of Life

Japandroids: Near To The Wild Heart Of Life

Japandroids have always toed the line between indie noise rock, rollicking anthemic arena rock and old-fashioned Springsteen Americana. Their music, regardless of its leanings, has…


Slaughter Beach, Dog: Welcome

The oddly named Slaughter Beach, Dog is apparently a side project of Modern Baseball lead singer, Jake Ewald. It’s not a huge departure from his main…


The Hotelier: Goodness

Let’s talk about spoken-word shit. Actually, let’s not talk about spoken-word shit. Even if The Hotelier somehow thinks this most high school of emotive communication…

The Dream Is Over

PUP: The Dream Is Over

Rocking and roiling punk noise from up North of the border is honestly on my list of things that make me consistently happy. And, on…

Return to Love

LVL UP: Return to Love

I believe this is the second LVL UP album I’ve reviewed in 2016, but why not stick with what you like, right? That said, I…

Head Carrier

Pixies: Head Carrier

Pixies are a pretty large touchstone for me in my musical evolution. It honestly started back in 1989 with Doolittle, and I subsequently, and quickly,…