The Get Up Kids: Eudora

EudoraAh, the odds-and-ends collection. What can we say other than they probably shouldn’t have covered Suffragette City? There are actually several covers here–most of which are pretty awful and karaoke-like–but the Mötley Crüe cover, “On With the Show,” is actually pretty funny and fitting. The originals are a compilation of the band’s various 7″s and stuff, and actually include several decent tunes. Yes, I know most people hate this fuckin’ band with a passion, but I’m gonna stick by their pop emo stupidness–but not that much. This compilation is very uneven, and while there are a few decent songs thrown in, it doesn’t overcome the whole mish-mash feeling of the thing. Vagrant must have known The Kids were going soft on their third album, and wanted to milk the punk pop machine for all it was worth before the band alienated what little fanbase they had.  Let’s move on.