Indie Rock

Rooted in the sound and sensibility of American underground and alternative rock of the ’80s, it’s rock made by and for outsiders with a wariness of excess testosterone.


Pinegrove: Cardinal

Dateline Montclair, NJ. Home to Stephen Colbert, media types and hippies of all stripes. An ethnically and economically diverse NYC-adjacent commuter town filled with Priuses…

Bully - Feels Like

Bully: Feels Like

I suppose this is what Hole would have sounded like hadn’t Kurt written all of their songs. So like later Hole when Courtney had exhausted…


Ex Hex: Rips

This irony here — or not so much irony, but pity — is that this is the album Wild Flag probably thought they were making. Or…

Wild Flag

Wild Flag: Wild Flag

Welcome to Sleater-Kinney’s less annoying little cousin. Not to say that all Sleater-Kinney is annoying, but there’s only so much riot grrrrrrl a person can…