Cell Phone Headsets


Is it just me or do people look like complete morons walking around with those Bluetooth wireless headsets on? I mean, how many fuckin’ phone calls do you get that you need to have that thing in your ear at all times? Are you the Secretary of Homeland Security or an operator at the Franklin Mint? Are you taking orders at the Burger King drive-thru or taking donation at the star-studded Tsunami telethon? Seeing these dorks walking around the city reminds me of something equally dorky: the dudes sitting in the Deathstar right as the giant laser is going to blast the rebel base to dust. Granted, those dudes are androids.

dork with an earpiece
hey,yo, is Darth there?

But I did finally see someone the other that actually deserved to be wearing one of these things (and, no, it wasn’t this Mike Watt look-a-like pictured above). It was a guy in a wheelchair. Yes, this should be, along with para or quadriplegics, the only people allowed to use a device like this. After all, it’s not exactly easy to steer a wheelchair while trying to answer and hold a phone, is it? So, you lazy, pretentious bastards out there with your working limbs and nimble fingers; take that damn thing out of your ear and maybe pay attention to your wife or your kids or the world around you. The call couldn’t be that important.