Product Review: Dentyne Blast

Dentyne Blast

dentyne blast arctic chill

Dentyne Blast Arctic Chill: It tastes more like if you made a paste with saccharine and one of those pine tree air fresheners. There’s nothing cool or refreshing about it, and my thought that it would be like a hunk of Chewels (or its latter day copycat, Tidal Wave) was met with nothing but a fizzle. No liquid center shot into my mouth, nothing did anything but make me wonder how the bodega around the corner from my office has the balls to charge like $1.65 for this garbage. Plus, there are only 9 chicklettes in the package, which only adds to my wonderment and frustration. If I’m going to overpay for crap, at least make it multitudinous crap. Set your blasters on blech.