Odd Finds: Anti-Terror Trash Cans


Who are these for? Seriously. Since when are the world’s trash bins its biggest liability? Is a terrorist really going to take the time to sneak into your company’s office to throw a pipe bomb or block of c4 into your wastepaper basket? Having it armor plated is hardly a foolproof plan. If this was really the ingenious plot of the evildoers, couldn’t they just as easily stick it in your desk drawer, behind a book on a bookshelf, or just tape it to the bottom of your chair? It seems to me that the odds of someone sticking an incendiary device into a suspiciously thick-looking garbage receptacle are somewhere between zero and never.

Despite this, Ms. Hipster received this educational mailer at her workplace:

“These are the trash cans terrorists hate most!”

So, let this be a warning to you budding terrorists and corporate espionagists out there: Centerpoint Manufacturing ain’t gonna fall for that old pipe bomb in the trash can trick! And, for that matter, neither is their partner in useless-products-to-part-paranoid-Americans-from-their-money, BlastGard International. Let’s just hope their armor plating is better then their spelling.