Topaz Thai


Topaz ThaiCheap Thai. You gotta love that combination. Subterranean cheap Thai. Less good, but still okay if you’re desperate for pad see yew. As far as underground Asian restaurants go, though, Topaz is the crown jewel. Get it!? Actually, the place is quite pleasant. Its wood interior separates itself from your typical gaudy and/or shabby or 80’s inspired crapfest that are most Asian lunch menu joints. The atmosphere is not exactly calming, as waiters buzz your table like kamikaze pilots (oh, wait, that’s Japan) and drop checks like napalm on your placemat. I’m starting to realize I know nothing about Thailand–other than the fact I like their food. And then there’s that Thai stick stuff. The whole experience was a bit of a whirlwind, but my dish went down well in the two minutes I felt like I had to eat it. I spilled a few quarters from my pocket to pay for it and then came up from the netherworld to join the people of the light. [MF]

127 W 56th St.