Bishop Womack-El

Odd Finds: The Prophetic Physician

bishop shammah womack-el

This guy is totally my favorite snake oil salesman of all time. He is a self-described prophetic physician. Where does one go to study prophetic medicine? Canada? His bio claims that “Dr.” Shammah Womack-El is a world class Naturopathic Holistic Scientist and Master Herbalist of Drugless Medicine, which he calls God’s Natural Pharmacy. But… What?

This is not his only thing, though. He is also:

  • A prophetic forecatser
  • A record company exec and music producer (Shammah Records)
  • a minister (Temple of Radiant Light)
  • an astrologer
  • a druggist (The Chapel of Miracles)
  • a nutritionist (Shammah Super Foods, Power Eating Program)
  • a professor (Ministers in Training [M.I.T.], School of Prophetic Physicians, School of Sacred Theological Science
  • an author
  • a travel agent (Prophetic Pysician’s Travel)
  • a financial advisor (Financial Health Power Summit)
  • a dude who makes oils and shit (Peace Awareness Oil)

For some reason that I can’t quite explain, the guy reminds me of the movie Coming to America, and two of its great characters:



Pious Man

Pensive Man

The “Man”