Neptune Diner

Neptune DinerWhere else to go for a Greek diner? Astoria, of course. So, what are the traits of a good Greek diner? 1) Grouchy help 2) Menus with everything from scrambled eggs to beef Wellington 3) Meals that couldn’t possibly be cooked in the miniscule time it takes those wacky diner chefs to cook them 4) Plates piled high with eggs, toast and potatoes. Add in some fancy underwater decor and Queens-like mirrors and you have the Greek-god-themed Neptune Diner. Now, grouchy help is one thing (you kind of expect the abrupt ordering style, waitresses yelling at the top of their lungs at the cooks, etc.) but rudeness is another. How dare you ask to sit in the big room? You want to sit down when your entire party isn’t here–even though the diner is mostly empty? That’s the Neptune for you. Basically, if you are in Queens, and don’t mind a little bad attitude with your eggs, then stop by the Neptune and have some breakfast. Hey, it’s better than a trident in the ass. [MF]

3105 Astoria Blvd., Queens