Life Cafe


Yet another in a long line of kitchy, vaguely 50’s cafes that dot the East and West Villages. Really, how many of these places do we need? Ooh, we’re eclectic. We serve fried calamari, nachos and Caesar salads. We also serve margaritas, omelets and humus. All things to all people. More like all things to stupid drunks who can’t make up their minds what to eat (and don’t mind paying $40 for a pitcher of margaritas in what amounts to a hole in the wall). The food is serviceable, but not noteworthy. The service is typical East Village, “I’ll get to you in a minute, I’m on a smoke break.” As is the case with a lot of the smaller food establishments in this survey, we wouldn’t recommend it as a destination, but can’t short its merits as a joint to stumble into at 3 AM to get some greasy appetizers. Plus, you can catch up on your 1956 news by reading one of the many Life magazines on the walls. Oh, those silly restaurateurs… [MF]

343 E 10th St.