New York City

Reviews of New York City’s most popular (and least popular) bars and restaurants.

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Australia the Bar

became Bar East Under new management, the only thing Australian about this bar might be the occasional kangaroo rat running from behind the bar. Once a teen h...
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The Auction House

Don't even think of going to this posh Upper East Sider without a shot of espresso or a serious dose of speed. Sleepy doesn't even begin to describe this dark, ...
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Johnny Tejano’s

Became: Osso Buco Almost like losing a close relative, sadly, Johnny's is gone. Mexico meets the Upper East Side at this inexpensive Tex-Mex haven where th...
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Became: Judge Crater's   is now: Biddy's Pub Critics describe it as a "hot smoky box not unlike being trapped on the surface of a cancerous lung." But fans ...
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Ski Bar

If you like paying a cover, plastic shavings floating in your $7 beer and teenagers puking to loud spring break music, this is your place! Nobody is sure if...