Blind Tiger Ale House


Blind Tiger

[CLOSED at this location] Reopened: Blind Tiger Ale House II

Welcome to your classic pub, complete with wood paneling, tons of unpronounceable beer on tap and a crowd that is one part local, one part student and 100% drunk. This is one of those places you could swear you’ve been before you even walk in the door. The Blind Tiger? I’ve been there — or was that the White Horse? Or the Red Lion? Or the Stampeding Rhino Pub ‘n Grub? While this place is nothing short of stupendously normal, it does provide a laid back atmosphere and some “special” beers in which suds-snobs will certainly delight. The thing that actually makes this bar remarkable is the fact it’s so unremarkable. Fortunately, some nights that’s just what you’re looking for. [MF]

518 Hudson St.