Subaru Forever Young

Good Commerical: Subaru “Forever Young”

Car commercials used to be the highlight of every commercial director’s reel. As an agency, you wanted a car client. As a director, you wanted a car commercial. It was the big fish. I feel like these days car commercials are filled more with rebate offers and stupid and useless JD Power Award accolades than sexy shots of spinning tires, splashing mud and the intimate stories of what makes someone want to drive the car being advertised. Subaru knows its audience. They are loyal. They are conscientious. They generally like the outdoors and they value safety and family. As a former Subaru owner I understand some of those things. No, I’m not outdoorsy, but there’s something a little left-of-center about Subaru and Subaru owners. Anyhow, there seems to be some serious care put into this spot. It melds the old with the new. The value of the older generation with the younger. The bond over shared interests that go beyond the surface — the bond of family. Plus, it’s just really nice looking and involves surfing, which is always cool. It almost makes me want to go buy a Crosstrek.