Café Metro (Murray Hill)

Cafe Metro Murray Hill


It’s always good to have a standby. You know, the place that is perfect in pinch and has never made you violently ill. Because, more often than not, your standby becomes your regular. Of course your odds of getting that rancid turkey or undercooked chicken go up the more times you patronize an eating establishment. Don’t let that deter you from running into Metro whenever you have five minutes between your one o’clock and your three o’clock. I continue to rely on Metro’s paninis (albeit at another location) to get me through those meetings that make you wonder why you went to college in the first place. Do I really need to be talked to like a five-year-old about process for the fortieth time this month? Hell, I don’t even care when I can’t hear the drone over my nice, crunchy turkey siciliano panini. They even have this mysterious mayonnaise-type sauce that comes with your lunch that is really tasty (like the mysterious Ranch 1 red pepper sauce) despite it most likely being made from eggs, oil and concentrated leg o’ lard. Metro is like an old friend–with cheese. [MF]

370 Lexington Ave.