Ship of Fools


If this were 1991, we would call this place Ship of Tools. Actually, we would probably still be calling it by its former incarnation, Easy Street. The name would actually give you the idea that the place was teeming with a boatload of idiots. Well, it’s a misnomer. This place isn’t filled with anybody. Once football season ends, this place has less snap than a bra strap at a high school full of quadriplegics. We recall one snoozy night spent discussing Ayn Rand with a bored, blonde bartender (who insisted Rand is a woman). Lucky for us, our completely clueless take on Atlas Shrugged earned us a few buy backs. Okay, we’re being a bit harsh here. This was a long time ago, and not your typical evening at the Ship. If you’re a football and wing lover, can tolerate especially annoying Steeler fans, and can stomach a gang of UES sports fools, then get there early on a Sunday and cheer yourself silly. [MF]

1590 2nd Ave.