Korova Milk Bar


If you’re not familiar with A Clockwork Orange you might not get what’s going on here. Is this a mannequin factory gone awry? Did I just step into some sort of futuristic sadist’s dream? Well, the answers are no and yes. Named after the bar frequented by the ultra-violent characters in the Anthony Burgess novel of the same name, the owners of this joint have tried to recreate the futuristic kitsch of that movie with mixed success. Stark white is the color of the day, with TV headed mannequins and other space junk lying around. The “crowd” is mostly stunned tourists and uptowners out on a dare. We put quotes around the word crowd because most people surveyed can’t really recall seeing any more than fifteen people in the whole place. Rumor has it that they actually serve alcoholic milk drinks named after famous killers–as if we need another reason to vomit. The first time we entered this place, they were playing the then still underground Pam & Tommy Lee Sex Tape on the multiple screens around the bar. Needless to say, we spent very little time looking around and sampling the beverages… There may have been some music on somewhere but, again, we were oblivious. So far as we can remember, there was a DJ spinning your typical dancy clubbish type music. This is certainly one of those places that’s interesting to check out on the way to somewhere else, but as far as making it a destination, we think you and your droogies may be better off settling down in a place far, far away. [MF]

200 Avenue A