Welcome to Mel’s Diner–without Flo and that wacky Alice. Yup, it’s just Mel in his greasy t-shirt and that stupid sailor-lookin’ hat. Well, his name is probably something more like Yakov or Boris or something equally Baltic, but he looks like he smokes cheap cigarettes and is most certainly pissed that he’s a short-order cook at a place called Happy Burger. Point of order here: don’t order a bagel at a place that isn’t a bagel place. Anyhow, others in our group ordered eggs and cheese and were certainly not blown away. I would imagine they probably tasted like the forty-seven other things that were cooked on that same grill that morning. The restaurant itself hasn’t been remodeled since 1974, and by the looks of it, many of the customers have been sitting there the whole time. [MF]

2489 Broadway