Annie Moore's

Annie Moore’s

Annie Moore'sCatching a train to Westchester or Connecticut? Wear a suit and have a penchant for military haircuts? Then you’ve probably been to this large Irish bar and restaurant before. Packed with happy hour suits and all the financially logoed shoulder bags you’d ever hope to see in one place, Annie Moore’s is your typical wood drenched beer hall, complete with a long brass accented bar, high tables lining the walls and a menu filled with burgers, salads and some kind of fish in a French sounding sauce. Its location (directly across from Grand Central) does provide a convenient meeting place, but also means a tight squeeze around commuting time. If you’re looking for an intimate get together or hate dudes in pointy dress shoes, avoid this place like the plague, but if you need to get drunk just to tolerate living in the suburbs, then this is your kind of pre-boarding watering hole. [MF]

22 E 41st Street