Famous Original Ray’s Pizza (Times Square)

Famous Original Ray's - Times Square

Famous Original Ray's - Times SquareWell, this Ray’s has the dubious distinction of being the dirtiest, dingiest member of the chain. The day we were there a squashed slice sat in the doorway, a couple stained plates sat like bloodshot eyes on the tile floor and it looked as if some monkeys got into the napkins. The place is pretty small, so the mess couldn’t spread too far, but ordering a chicken roll from a place that is a complete disaster doesn’t inspire confidence. Of course they were out of chicken rolls anyway. So I got a slice of pepperoni and called it a day. Their pizza is decent, but tends to sit out too long. They do a reasonably good business, so the employees are always rushing your slices out of the oven before they’re warmed up enough to last more than three blocks from the restaurant. I guess some people don’t mind cold pizza, but that ain’t me. There are certainly better pizza joints out there, but you could do worse than Ray’s–especially if you’re looking for a decent chicken and/or eggplant roll. [MF]

736 7th Ave (bet 48th St & 49th St)