The Grill at All About Food

The Grill at All About Food[CLOSED]

All about food, huh? That’s a sweet name. So direct. So… uninventive. And now we have The Grill at All About Food, which must be, um, the place where there’s a grill that is somehow cooks food. Yikes, what the hell are we talking about? We’re talking about a place that basically makes burgers and stuff. You know, stuff on a grill. Problem is that I think I ordered something not on made on a grill. That was totally my bad. Who does that? It’s like going to Burger Heaven and ordering a salad. I’ll remain neutral for now, and let you find out for yourself, cuz their non-grill stuff ain’t so hot. I’m thinking turkey burger–the most poultry-ish of all the burgers. [MF]