Around the Clock


If you ever want to relive your drunken college days–complete with dudes barfing in the bathroom, joints managed and staffed by other lazy, nihilistic slobs like yourself, and grub that sits atop seventeen pints of Bud Light just fine–then bring your time-traveling ass on in to this late night, NYU hang out. Sure, you’ll be one of the oldest assholes in the place, but when you’re shoving a juicy burger in your craw at 2:30 in the morning, nobody’s going to mention your receding corners and your secret fantasy that the grunge era will rise again. How many times have you been wandering around the East Village, on the verge of vomiting and looking for something a little more down-home and substantial than your typical Greek diner? Well, if you’re anything like Mr. Hipster, you’ll probably forgo eating in favor of a nasty hangover and a day of being tethered to the crapper. But, if you’re like any other normal drunk, you’re going to want to bring yourself to Around the Clock and grab some food worthy of night of lousy domestic beer and some nice Core-era STP on the jukebox. [MF]

10 Stuyvesant St.