Olympic Diner


Do you like your lunch with a side of angry? Well, you’ll certainly get your fill when the grumpy-ass Greek waiters argue over whose station you’re going to be sitting at. I swear the fatter, balder of the two grumps was going to stab the other in the eye with his ballpoint when the guy grabbed us for his section. There was some back and forth in what I can only assume was Greek about something I can only assume was about tip money. In any case, this didn’t bode well for either the service or the meal. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when the service was fast, but curt, and the food wasn’t so bad. In fact, for a somewhat run-down diner, my turkey burger was less than bad. I certainly wouldn’t make this a regular destination, but considering it’s a block from work, and I’ve eaten almost everywhere else in the neighborhood, there’s always a need for a semi-decent, inexpensive diner. So, don’t let the help or the tourists scare you off; get your eggs and toast here. [MF]

807 8th Ave.