Little Saigon


Voted least likely to cause flashbacks and uncontrollable shaking in your average PTSD Vietnam vet amongst Hell’s Kitchen restaurants named after scenes of U.S aggression, Little Saigon is certainly more comfortable than a damp cage or fiery rice paddy. Our boys never ate like this. In fact, the Vietnamese probably never ate like this either. The bo luc lac is certainly better than an electric shock to the testes or a whack in the ’tain’t with a bamboo pole, but we wouldn’t risk our lives to save it from a burning hut or take shrapnel to taste its savory meatiness. Vietnamese food is the second most under appreciated of the Asian foods (right behind Indonesian), and we really encourage people to get out and grab some before our jackass of a president decides to lump them in with the “Axis of Evil” along with everybody else. [MF]

658 9th Ave.