Hallo Berlin Stand


German food seems like a likely street meat candidate right out of the gate. I mean the first and original pushcart vendors (or at least the ones I’m aware of) sold hot dogs. And what else is German but a bunch of hot dogs in different casings and configurations? I ordered my beef knockwurst and watched as my host fished out what truly resembled a Sabrette, stuck it in a slicer, which chopped it into little chunky circles, and threw it on top of some cabbage, sauerkraut and onions with a nice, spicy mustard. The little meat salad was beyond tasty–like a well-seasoned dog surrounded by stuff that would normally make me gag, but worked to meld the smoky, vinegary, and spicy flavors all together in a nice, neat little package. I thought, looking at the small amount of food I was presented, that I would be starving afterward, but it somehow quelled my hunger and left me totally satisfied. I understand the lines here can get pretty long on most days, but we came late and had an almost non-existent wait. Now I’ve eaten in their proper restaurants, but there’s something special about getting that same food cooked in the wide-open expanse of 5th Ave that makes it taste oh so much better. [MF]

5th Ave and 54th St. (corner)