Harry’s Bar (New York Helmsley Hotel)


Harry’s Bar is really less of a bar and more of a corner of a lobby that happens to serve booze. This hotel isn’t silly enough to think people would treat their little corner bar– which mostly serves red-faced Midwestern businessmen in cheap suits–as a destination. That said, it’s a no-frills, not entirely uncomfortable place to burn a couple hours while out-of-town guests take the slow boat from PA. Dark wood, leather benches and those curved chairs that only exist in hotel bars dominate, but the true idolmaker is the little bowls of addictive snacks. They have peanuts and those little bark things that are like if a pretzel and a cracker had a baby. Throw that together with a nice vodka and soda and you have the perfect little hotel bar. Despite not seeing the bill, I can discern from the general lack of caring that the drinks weren’t as expensive as hotel bars can normally get. Granted, this joint gives Comfort Inn a run for their rundown money. At least they skipped the gilded mirrors and awful 70s cheese that crawls all over its sister bar in the Helmsley Park Lane. [MF]

212 E 42nd St.