George KeeleyThis place somehow reminds me of the lobby of the giant, 1980’s UES apartment building I used to live in–and that was before they ripped out the Fortress of Solitude-like white icicle-looking ceiling. Nothing like some nice Home Depot light fixtures to brighten up an overly-bright Irish pub. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel there should never be clean, light wood in an Irish pub. You should not be able to eat off the floor and see your reflection in the bar. Pubs are supposed to be about old world charm, smoke and dankness. It shouldn’t feel like drinking a beer in The Edward Jones Dome. The night we were at this joint, there was not an ounce of humanity to be found–or fun–but we suppose this former location of Alligator Alley probably fills with kiddies pretty well come the weekend. Poor lads’ll never know what it is to be in an authentic pub. [MF]

485 Amsterdam Ave. (bet 83rd & 84th St.)