An apt name, no doubt. Utilizing one of the many closet-like spaces on Ninth Avenue, Nook provides very little in way of seating, but quite a bit in terms of homey charm. Yes, the Eastern European proprietor will happily take your order, check in on you and ask you to come back soon. The menu is almost as small as the space, running the gamut between burgers and sandwiches and soups and stuff of the American genre. It’s basically comfort food in the middle of Hell’s Kitchen–a funny concept, but one that the neighborhood sorely needs. I hate to use a word my mom might utter, but it’s a cute, little place to grab some lunch and sit and bitch about life. While you could spend a few dollars less going to the Chinese joint down the street, or eating the unidentifiable meats from the dude who rolls his restaurant to Eleventh Ave. every night, Nook provides a nice respite from the depression that is Blimpie, or the monotony of the corner bodega deli. [MF]

746 9th Ave.