4-Wheel Vibe

Bracket: 4-Wheel Vibe

4-Wheel VibeBringing a little more energy to the table, this sophomore album is filled with more, well, sophomoric punk pop. Granted, I’ve certainly heard more whiny, more jokey and more earnest versions of this stuff out there–none of which are good in great amounts. Bracket’s version of the punk thing is much more middle of the road. They don’t seem to care about politics or take a stand on pot or anything. In fact, they don’t really stand for much at all. And maybe that’s their downfall. Sometimes making semi-catchy tunes isn’t enough, ya know? Sure, there’s some angst. Sure, there’s some strumming. Sure, there’s some fun and, uh, punkishness, but ultimately, this band blends into the popunk wallpaper.