K.M.D: Mr. Hood

Mr. HoodI can remember when I first got this album on tape way back in the day. I sat in the Carl’s Jr. parking lot next to Rip City Skateboards, listening to my car stereo and watching some punk kids do ollies of the low wall surrounding the asphalt drive. Sure the Ernie samples are goofy, and the rhymes and beats are not untypical of the time, but there was something that these guys had that felt like they were a cut above. Of course they only went on the make one more album as K.M.D. (that was never released on their label) and Sub-Roc died and Zevlove X went into seclusion and emerged as the twisted masked superhero MF Doom. The fact that these kind of crunchy De La Soul / Brand Nubian types (they talk about wearing clogs and refer to each other as God and shit) went on to release the racially charged Black Bastards and eventually the twisted Doom/Viktor Vaughn discography.