Part Time Punks

Television Personalities: Part Time Punks

Part Time PunksIf The Young Ones had a band (or did they?) this would be it. Recorded with the pocket change from the Clash’s ashtray, the whole album–especially the early tracks from the first quarter of this greatest hits album–sound as if some dudes just broke into a pub, flipped on the PA and just started jamming. But that’s what makes them hip–the tossed off way they put together little rock ditties while completely sounding like they don’t give a shit. Talent? Not really. But one can hear all sorts of influential ideas in here on twee and indie pop. The whole thing could be a goof for all I know, but don’t tell bands like Belle & Sebastian or any number of other storytelling UK bands like Oasis and even Arctic Monkeys that have obviously listened to all of their records and taken them to heart.