8 A.M. All Day

Chisel: 8 A.M. All Day

8 A.M. All DayDamn, if this is what Ted Leo sounds like at 8AM, we’re all in trouble. The band is a burst of caffeine-infused mod rock, perfectly blending the stripped down, raw sound of the sixties with the pop-spaz of modern punk. It’s almost impossible to sit still while listening to this album, as time signatures change left and right, Leo’s voice pogos all over the register and the drummer smashes the shit out of the skins. Leo’s vocals chords sound like they must be raw as hell, as he tests the upper range of his voice and the beats swing along with head bobbing precision. Upbeat, melodic and amazingly catchy, this album makes me want to wear a short jacket, buy a Vespa and sign up for the Chisel army (if there was such a thing).