Flashdancer'sOne of the top targets of Guiliani’s anti-fun committee over the years, Flashdancers has only gotten stronger. Flashdancers used to be the crappy strip club in town–the place filled with dirty old guys who were there at 3PM as much for the mixed drinks as they were for the broken down strippers, who needed their silicone rotated in the worst kind of way. Now, the place is packed with young yuppie, bachelor partiers with checking accounts and something better than a cot at the local YMCA. What caused the turn around? Is it the amazingly expensive advertising blitzes (which involve sending homeless dudes out into Times Square with yellow smocks and flyers)? Is it the new decor and upgraded facilities? We don’t think so. Ironically, the thing that has caused the quality surge is Guiliani himself. By shutting down most of the competition, he has narrowed the number of slots available for dancers in NYC, thus making it an employers market. Now Flashdancers doesn’t need to hire women who saw their best days during the Ford administration–they can bring in some serious A level talent. Unfortunately, along with talent upgrades come price increases, but they are pretty comparable to the other clubs around town, with only a $15 cover. Maybe dancing at Flashdancers gives the ladies a slight inferiority complex, but they seem just a little more friendly, and a little more willing to give a non-sheik the time of day. Whatever the reason, we say bravo! [ MF]

320 W 45th St. (bet. 8th & 9th Ave.)