Eleven Madison ParkNow this is a New York restaurant! Set in an old art deco space, complete with cool, carved metal and antique light fixtures, one feels as if he or she were eating in a classy 20’s restaurant. Some said they felt as if they should have worn fedoras and cashmere trench coats. The service operates flawlessly, as your own personal waiter pours your wine and water, and will even cut your meat for you if you have any trouble with it. The food is basically American eclectic, with your typical foi gras appetizers, steaks, fish, lamb and wild game type stuff. Everything is delicious and presented in a stylish, low-key manner. The desserts are also amazing and shouldn’t be missed. So if you feel like spoiling yourself with a beautiful night out on the town — and don’t have any problem plunking down the platinum card — give this place a try. You won’t regret it. [MF]

11 Madison Ave.