Bailey's Corner

Bailey’s Corner

Bailey's CornerWhat is essentially a neighborhood dive (if there is such a thing on the UES), this smoky, old-school bar attracts a bizarre mixture of budding Staten Island good fellas, broken down OTB junkies, preppy UESers and families looking to hide their alcoholism from their kids. Sippers and caffeine addicts beware, if you’re not drinking alcohol, and drinking it hard, the salty chick who picks up your empties will not hold back her opinion of your manliness, or lack there of. She will complain that you are taking up table space that could otherwise be used by more serious drunks. She fails to notice, of course, that the two tables on either side of you are empty, and that all the drunks would rather stand at the bar, where the alcohol is easiest to get at. Despite the annoying help, this isn’t a bad place to come to watch football on Sundays, or any other games during the week. Though not your typical sports bar, you can bring in your own food (they don’t serve any) from any of the surrounding restaurants. If you’re too lazy to go out and get it yourself, they’ll provide you with a menu book, and you can have some poor bastard on a bike pedal his ass to you. [MF]

1607 York Ave. (at 85th St.)