Pick a Pita

[CLOSED at this location] Reopened: Pick-a-Pita II

Never before has kosher food tasted so good. Serving great pita-related nosh in what can only be described as a loading dock or alleyway, Pick-a-Pita makes delectable Israeli falafel and shawarma good enough for a rabbi to bless. Unlike their competition uptown, Azuri Cafe, they manage to serve the stuff up with a smile and a customer-forward attitude as well. Nary a sneer nor a scowl escapes the grill of the efficient counter guys and their super-friendly cashier compatriot who always makes you feel that spending eight bucks on a pita sandwich is perfectly justifiable. I myself go for the chicken shawarma with hummus, topped with lettuce and a good cucumber and tomato mixture, along with a nice squirt of tahini on top. The flavors meld perfectly, giving you that sense of the Middle East without overwhelming your senses or destroying your pants with excess goop and whatnot. Sure, it’s an easy place to walk by accidentally, but once you’ve been indoctrinated into this den of deliciousness, there’s no way to miss it again. [MF]

247 W 38th St.