Celeb Sighting 5: Max Kellerman

Now I’m starting to recognize celebs I don’t even recognize. I know that makes about as much sense as me even mentioning this hump, but when I saw him on his cell phone outside the port authority, I couldn’t help but think: “now this guy must be someone!”

max kellerman

Yeah, the little guy with the boyband beard and the wiseguy smirk actually has an interesting story. He apparently had his own boxing public access show when he was a teenager, which he somehow parlayed into a show on ESPN 2 and a career in boxing commentary. Okay, it’s not that interesting–and he seems to have had the longevity of that Squirt TV kid’s show–but his annoying voice will resonate forever. I’m not sure what this greasy monkey is up to now, but I’m sure he’s somewhere calling Evander Holyfield a washed up old hack.