Celeb Sighting 2: Christena Pyle

Whu? Who? It’s one of the many hot chicks from MTV’s Road Rules: South Pacific and Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno. As I mentioned after my first celeb sighting entry: this shit is gonna get real weak.

I spotted her walking on Eighth Avenue at about forty-eighth street absent-mindedly walking directly in front of an oncoming car as if the world should stop in her presence. Who said these MTV brats were spoiled and vapid? She looked to be going to a bodega to buy some flowers–and she looked to be lookin’ good! Statuesque and athletically built, she looked more like a well-fed model than some chick who needed to be eating pig guts and slumming it with a bunch of whiny freaks for a Saturn Ion Quad Coupe. To call this the “real” world is a complete farce, as I haven’t seen a house (or an RV for that matter) filled with so many good looking, fucked up people since the Delta Gamma house at Syracuse.

We can only assume that these sightings are going to get better. I’m heading out to L.A. for a couple days, so maybe I’ll actually spot somebody real (hahahahahaha).