Celeb Sighting 6: RuPaul

Man or woman, this guy is tall. He looks like a pencil with a peanut M&M perched on top. Seriously, his head is shaped like one of those smaller candies you find in the pack that somehow didn’t go all the way through the chocolate and candy coating cycle. He has the Dennis Johnson freckles and those stupid giant shades that the chicks are wearing these days. It’s so obvious he is who he is that it’s laughable. Standing on the corner of Broadway and 50th, he cuts quite a unique figure. It’s interesting to see that as a citizen of NYC he actually hides his identity by shedding it. He’s honestly much more wild looking as a man than he is as a woman. I’m not sure what RuPaul is up to these days (besides hanging out on city corners), but there must be a need somewhere out there for a weird looking dude with a high-pitched voice and a penchant for garter belts and bustiers.


and your boyfriend too!