Here and Nowhere ElseFull disclosure: Ms. hipster is a drummer. I’ve always loved drummers. I’ve always loved drums. I love to hear drummers who are out to punish their equipment, pound their sticks to dust. I yawn at 4/4 humdrum. Fills and shit, that’s my thing. Pair that fast, hard charging indie musical drumming with chugging guitars and emotive, singing/yelling and you have the Mr. Hipster trifecta. Thank you Cloud Nothings for getting inside my head. From their last album, Attack On Memory, to Japandroids’ album, Celebration Rock, I find myself craving this dynamic so often, and so seldom getting it. Instead I get wimpy over-produced bullshit or drowned-in-sound reverb-heavy soft nonsense. I’m sure there’s a reason this post-hardcore, brawny music isn’t popular with the cooler millennials (they seem to shy away from music with balls) but the music, which always seems to be on the verge of veering out of control, makes me want to fist-pump in the worst way. Or go into the basement with a pair of old sticks and smash the hell out of Ms. Hipster’s kit until the cops break down the door and drag me off the rock ‘n’ roll jail. Call me a fool, call me a bro, but I ask again: why can’t intelligence and quality be paired with adrenaline?