Carve Unique Sandwiches

CarveThere’s nothing like a build-you-own-sandwich joint. Okay, they don’t let you behind the counter or anything, but you can essentially choose your ingredients and cheese and bread and whatnot and they’ll make you a sandwich. Actually, that sounds suspiciously like a deli, but what the hell do I know? So what we’re talking about here is an upscale deli that employs glass partitions and a clean floor in order to jack up prices to astronomical levels. My fresh turkey sandwich on a nice, soft roll wasn’t outrageously expensive, and was actually pretty tasty, but a co-worker decided to order soup and sandwich and paid like eighteen dollars. I swear I thought he was gonna firebomb the place. Instead he just swore a blood oath to never go back, and threatened to kill me in a terribly painful manner if I ever stepped foot in the place. Granted, I’ve never been back, and no longer work nearby, but maybe someday my travels will take me back to the tourist pit that is Eighth Ave., and I will duck into this den of sin for another lusty afternoon with my deliciously roasted fowl friend. [MF]

760 8th Ave (bet 46th St & 47th St)